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“Approved” COVID Vaccines and Fetal Tissue Use and Abuse - Are The Vaccines Equally Tainted?

  I have been contacted by a few people, concerned about the use of fetal tissue cell lines in the testing of not only some of the COVID vaccines, but also a number of consumer products.   (See: )   Rightfully, people are alarmed by how the use of such fetal cell lines have infiltrated many aspects of our lives.   This was entirely foreseeable, as happens with a nation stricken by apathy.   (And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. - Mat 24:12)   For those of you who are not familiar with how aborted fetal tissue cell lines have been used in the production of some vaccines, please read my series on Tainted Vaccines. At the same time, is there an ethical difference between vaccines that have been tested and vaccines that have been produced using fetal tissue cell lines?  (Moderna/Pfizer have been tested with the aid of using fetal tissue cell lines, whereas the Johnson & Johnso

Tainted Vaccines - Objections Refuted

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